Fallen Rose Petals

fallen from the sky

god’s possibilities of hopes and dreams

to wake up and smell all the hopes and visions

imprinted upon my soul

to wake up and be happy

to be free

to only be me

smelling heaven’s roses

and inhaling the goodness of life

to hurt for a long time and to dwell upon my burdens

the past attacking my present and following me to the future senses

to relieve my mind and to fly high into a hopeful state of mind






to live my life to the fullest

to follow my goals and dreams of prosperity

to be happy

to fall in love without any regrets

no doubts

to smile more often

coming out of the light and never going back to the darkness

i want my life back

allow the rose petals to fall into my life




to be free

to do me

flying away just to be free

smelling the scent of new life and a reborn soul

i want to be one within myself


rose petals


written by lyrical passion

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