Still in this Race….To Win!

braids n beauty

Days can get hard when frustrations are thrown your way

Wondering how you are going to make it

Looking up to God

You surely can’t fake it

Throwing you a curve ball; a test to see if you have passed

You fail it again

Stormy weather they never do last

Those tear drops you shed when no one else is looking

Praying to God another prayer of forgiveness

Hoping He has some blessings upstairs cooking

I can do this right

If only I have faith without having the worldly sight

To tame myself if I just might

I’m a strong soldier

I’m in this race to win

Even if sometimes I tend to sin

I’m not perfect but I do want to make a change

Even when things and even decisions seems a little strange

I feel attacked at times

Feeling like people are setting me up

Tears they roll down my cheeks again

“God, am I strong enough to even win?”

I exhaled deeply and slowly

And look at this world deep and coldly

I trust no one

Who can I trust?

God I’m tired of the fuss

To kick rocks and give up my hands to you

Saying to myself I give it all up, I am Through!

This world has gotten so cold

Numb to my soul

I pray things will change as I get old

To find true happiness and inner peace

For frustrations and tempers to decease

To bury the hatchet and the setbacks

To become a brand new creature

A new soul that God will Mold

But When?

No one to trust

I shouldn’t worry about people trying to set me up

Or talk about me behind my back

Still Standing

Still Strong

Still Living

This race I’m running seems too long

But I’m in it to win it

Just Me


Written by Lyrical Passion

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