Let My Fame Shine!

I stand before you

Microphone propped up

Words that will surely roll off the tongue

Dressed to impressed

As I take the stage

Been an insider for too long

Writing has been my first love

Trapped in a hidden agenda

Not sure what the world will think of my words that plays upon your mind

Visualize as I speak them to you

Ladies and Gents

Take your seats as the wonderful Lyrical Passion takes the stage

I know longer read from my poetry books of stories and fantasies

But to tell you a story

To take you on a ride along

To my place

Enter Lyrical’s space

The erotics and inspirations

The motivations of my poetry style

I’ll have the room spinning and heated with my words to give you an encore

I’m certain and sure

I want my fame to shine as all eyes on me

As I walk on stage dressed to impress

Shaken and Seductively

I pour out my lyrics of stories

Of words that I have kept hidden on my canvas

Can’t you see the vivid mixtures of colors?

Pouring from my heart and speaking from my tongue

Listen to the arrays and metaphors I tell you

Swaying and sitting on the stage

All eyes on me now





I’m about to tell you a story

Allow me to be famous and enter the fantasies of my spotlight

Give me the microphone over and over and allow this young poet to spill her inkwell

So vividly

So emotionally


Filled with the poetic ink

Holding her own

Speaking to the atmosphere filled with fans and all types of people

Give me the chance to tell it all what I have hidden for too long

Allow me to hold the spotlight and your heart if I might

Watch me work


Poetically upon your soul

You will get mixed and entwined with my inner beauty of sassiness and sexiness

I got a story to tell

Just give me the microphone

And allow my fame to shine!

let my fame shine

Written by Lyrical Passion

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