How could it end like this?

how can it end like this

How could love start and end like this?

I just it wasn’t real because it only felt like a summer bliss!

Nights wondering when I would hear your voice of promising words

Too busy for a King

Your voice I never too much heard

Your distance left me wondering am I the Queen you have dreamt and hoped for

Am I the first one you think about in the morning and the last one at night that you adore?

how can it end like this 2

Lies and secrets were kept away in your heart that never gave the hint you just wanted to be friends

The mixed signals of love and communications was something I can’t understand

Why the eight years of confusion when saying “I love You” meant a serious love?

My conscious started talking to my mind and heart while love birds sung to me above

“You can do better than that. You deserve a better King!”

Not a type of love that led you on thinking you were the apple of his eye and to be involved in a secretive fling

I deserve that special promise ring

A real commitment and not a love that can’t be returned; no time for a delivery shipment

How could it all end like this?

It seems like yesterday when we shared our first kiss

Times spent together and memories that will last always

Now you are out of my life and all the memories are gone down the drain

Frustrations and hurtful tears having me go insane

Nothing to ease the pain

Only to cut you out of my life for good and start all over

This is over

How could it end like this?

Will you remember our memories and think about me often when you start to reminese?

Was I Mrs. Right?

Will I be missed?

The next one I hope to wed and commit

My life that will be filled with happiness and joy; a King

My love life will be lit


How could it end like this?

how can it end like this 3


Written by Lyrical Passion

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