Can’t Feel The Pain Anymore

Nothing lasts forever as the wind blows forward

To start from scratch

Starting from a new perspective

The pain she bleeds and the words she speaks

The world can’t hurt her anymore

She is numb from the pain that nothing else can enter her mind nor her heart

No one understands her vision or her dreams

They only see a face with the tangled tongue

The hurt that’s written upon her heart let alone inked out into the galaxies 

Pain that can never be written again with scars and bandages around old wounds

No room for new ones let alone for new tears

Where to begin when the world falls flat on her face and all she wants to do is cry out to the moon at night each time things don’t paint onto the canvas smoothly

The pain is numb

Her body is numb

She continues to walk on the old scars and keep her head held up high

And her purpose in life higher

The wind speaks to her soul

Allowing her to start a new beginning

With old scars and old  tears and old pain

To take the world and sit it upon her shoulders and carry the weight of the issues and hatred that brings people down

To be wanted by the positive influences and to make miracles and blessings appear in thin air

Can’t feel the pain anymore

The painful words

The painful image

The rebellious soul that hides in the dark skies with her canvas ready to paint a new chapter of her life

To tell a story so different that no one will recognize the new her

Will the world filled with hatred still believe the old rumors and the lies that downs her heart and pierces her soul?

To believe the new her into a new generation

But the pain will still be there

Fresh and deadly

To erase the past and to forget the harm

A love that wasn’t meant to be and people that never got to know the real her

She can’t feel the pain anymore

And she doesn’t want to!

can't feel the pain anymore

Written by Lyrical Passion


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