From the Inside

Bleeding from my inside

My wombs has never healed

My suicidal letter still mentally remains in my mind

Feel like giving up on this timeless life

Why shall I live another notch

I can’t take anymore of the hate that triggers my mind

To take a bullet and blow my mind

I’m dying on the inside

I’m screaming on the inside

I’m holding my pain on the inside


Why does it have to be like this?

Why does my tongue have to slip once again

Damn sins

I just want to start my life over again

From scratch!

The end!

One thought on “From the Inside

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  1. Who is real person?
    The man who rectifies mistakes with internal decision
    There is no time to consider it as sin
    Nothing must remain permanent or be seen

    Start the life from stretch
    Pick the love and detach
    The hatred has no place
    Life is nothing but meaningful chase


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