Can’t sleep

Demons are keeping me awake at night

As they laugh at me

Burning in the pure fires of hell

What have I done?

In my mind I have already fell

Deep into the burning flames

I can’t sleep as my mind races on the punishment of the world

I pray to get out of this

Insomnia has me chained and I cant get out

My mind is locked on what evilness shall do

Insomnia has me awake


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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  1. My stepson read an excerpt from Walt Whitman where he relays that animals are better than people because animals do not have jealousy, hate, objectification, create gods or seek to be more than they are (Song of Myself by Walt Whitman). Animals can just chill. Yet, as we discussed this poem we also realized that animals cannot reason, seek to create a world that is better than the now, or change the wrongs that have been done. Our intellect is a two edged sword. Yet, by naturally balancing our energies, we can calm the demons and expose our beauty. Want to know more? Visit me.


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