Blissful Night

I want to be at peace with the silence of my lips

The confidence in my hips

The prosperity of my soul

Striving to do my best and follow the visions

Whether young or old

Sleeping peaceful as I hear the thoughts on repeat

Promises of what God has said and blessings to keep

My soul I want cleansed

Like a newborn when it first comes out of it’s mother’s womb

Trying to decease my tongue of strong venom

Not saying too much too soon

A peaceful ending that allows laughter and joy upon my sacred heart

What more could the devil and the evil world do to try and tear me apart?

I’m willing to start over

To paint my life over from the start

Let this be a peaceful and blissful night

My goals and remedies of happiness are always in sight

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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