Waiting at the Bus Stop

waiting at the bus stop

The sunlight slowly gazed in brightening up her reflection of beauty flaws

Living in the life of reality where love fills the air through her heart

She’s in love

After all

Excited about her good thang visiting and spending time with her

Praying for a wonderful day and hoping that nothing bad would occur

She fixed her make-up and started to gaze at her image that had plenty of stories of past pain

And guys that played games

She stared at a new appearance that was only accepted by mankind

Calling her his Queen of this era and not a classy dime

She checked her clock that read quarter til 9

Arriving an hour early just to be on time

To be prepared for her man

Even though they talked on the phone late nights

She wasn’t alone; hearing his voice made her feel safe

She watched people get off a bus and kids played happily hugging relatives and friends

She began to pray again that her prince charming will hold her and kiss her until the very end

She checked her clock again that read 10:05

Thinking to herself that he was suppose to arrive

It was quiet again and she continued to sit there in her same spot

Trying to hold back tears she once fought

She grew to love this man

Entwined with the confusions of love even though her feelings she didn’t always understand

She took out her compact again and fixed her leaky eyeliner and smudged lipstick

Hoping that the next bus would arrive and that he would get off an fall deeply into her arms

She stood up and looked around

Silence filled the air

Kids watching without making a sound

And then she looked at her watch again that read 10:30

At the far left corner came a bus and she walked over to it

Hoping that he will notice how her beauty was all lit

She smoothed down her bangs and rubbed in her lipstick

Trying to wait for the love of her life; never meeting him before

Never a stranger to her heart

When she saw that no one else got off the bus, her heart skipped a beat

She started to feel sad and felt betrayed and in deceit

It then started to rain and she didn’t care about getting wet

The promise that he made got her worried and upset

Her phone started to ring and with the tears rolling down her face, she answered it


“We are sorry to inform you that your friend Marcus is dead”

She dropped the phone at the hurtful words that were said

A painful memory while waiting at the bus stop

She then stepped out into the busy streets where she was hit by a car

Committing suicide

Her hurt and pain she had to hide

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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