The Deepest Love

A poem from my book “Lyrical Passion Tears from my Inkwell” Published November 2013


How strong is your love?

Is it strong enough to hold somebody’s heart?

When you love hard, are you good at not letting that person fall apart?

What type of love do you possess?

A strong bondage of love

We always put it up for a test

Let’s all confess

It’s not easy to love hard and not feel the returned love back

Love is patient

Love is kind

Love isn’t jealous

As a matter of fact

How long does it take for you to love somebody and simply mean it?

Love stands on its own two feet

It’s like a brick wall

Love won’t have to fit

When love hurts us

We fall down on our knees with tears streaming down our faces

If love gonna continue to break our hearts over and over again

Then there is no point to love again

If that’s the case

We meet different people and different people come into our lives for different reasons

Love will vanish from your life, disappears just like the season

But you have to pick yourself up and remain strong when the evilness of love strikes back

The next time love walks into your life

You should know how to act

Love sometimes makes us weak

That we get so depressed

You are too blessed to be stressed

Don’t feed into your love mess

Sometimes we look for love in all the wrong places

Trying to fill the empty spaces

Stop trying to love for love!

Let love find you

A new love, the way it will make you feel brand new

The dangers of love will make your head spin

As if you are about to commit a sin

The deepest love is all within

All within

You have been broken down



Can’t sleep because you are thinking about that lost love

That one love

The DEEPEST love

As the love angels are falling from above

The drops of visible love are bonded like two doves

When people say they love you

But leave you

They never knew what true love was

You forget the feeling when you are through!

You still begging people to love you back so you can feel loved!

You can’t beg for love!

Just be patient

Trying to multiply the number of people who love you and subtract the love pains like an equation

The deepest love

The REAL love is God himself

When others have broken your heart

God never left!

He will ALWAYS remain in your heart

‘Til death do you part

The real love is God

He might not be your last love or your first love or a love whiz

But whatever you are going through

Whenever you need to be comforted

God will do that without hesitating

He’ll show you love when you are at your lowest and meditating

When you’re lonely

He’ll be there for you even in the time of need

You won’t have to be a follower

He wants you to take His hand and He’ll lead

When the word love has given up and all you are dealing with are scrubs

Just look over your shoulders and embrace the



Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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