A Love Like This

A love like this

Have you experienced the type of love that allows your breaths to become deep; fantasizing about the way he says your name upon his lips?

A love so deep that you are frozen in time trying to play hide and seek with the words that are whispered through the winter storms; standing upon the mountain top thinking and remembering when love was near you

The strength to keep warm in the midst of the rainstorms as the windowpane reminds you of endless memories the two of you spent throwing snowballs and laughing at stupid jokes.  The way you are comforted while his arms massages your tense body and relaxing your soul until the negativity and worries vanishes

Listening to your soft whispers as the sound of “I Love You’s” are blown down your spine that makes you giggle like a little girl. You feel great when love wants to sleep with you longer than expected sharing talks and communication that has you open on trust. You are drunk on the love that you once fell in love with

Will love stab you in the back or have an affair on you when YOU were there in the first place, to win love over?

Taking your breath away as you dance the night away on the dance floor; just you and love; lights that paints a moment of gratitude and a bow that tells you a thousand words in many languages

A love language so universal that you fall in love all over again just hearing the words and listening to the steady beats of heart beats that makes an infinite love connection that cupid can’t interfere with

Take a deep breath inhaling the vibes of real love

1, 2,3,4,5…..

Exhale into the depths of tranquility that calms the mind

Stress-free from the torn thoughts of pain and hurt that has scarred your heart once before

Depression that has left you almost dead

Now a new love that will never break your heart

Who has your back and will support your every need and to stand by your side

Real love you deserve into eternity

A Love Like This…

Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

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