Enchanted Castle


Pretty princess with batted eyelashes

Dark wine lipstick

She’s a lady walking with thickness in her hips

Hat tilted with pressed lips walking towards her king that has waited centuries to find her love

Bosom filled with charming, seductive ways to reap what the money she sews

Even eating like the doll she is

Rosy cheeks that has been kissed by memories and her guards that protects her honor

Living in a fantasy land world and driving around with expensive taste that has her temple and mind spoiled to tempt

Licking he lips and tasting the fame

The princess that her king has paved the way

Preparing her future

Expensive taste that has her bosom glowing with diamonds and pearls that heavens skies shine brighter than the Earth

Walking side by side with her inheritor

Silence keeps her lips humbled as she lives the enchanted life

Princess to act like a diva in her castle of riches


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers

lyrical P

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