The adrenaline that flushes the mind of the negativity

Two-way stimulations creating frustrations

Investing air chemistry stimulations

It’s what I’m prone to

Feining to belong; to be alone

With me 

My pen and my words

You may not want to hear

But I will be heard

The word’s drama is a deadly disease

Forget the haters when you trying to please

Killing them with your smile and heart

Stay out the poetry realm trying to tear things apart

Frustrated minds that blows a vessel

Heated words of explosion causes the tongue to lash

But my thoughts robs the page of ink that clears my mind…

My head spins

Awaken by my crying

You see this is my therapy line

My go- to spot of comfort through my poetry lines

Calming me in the middle of  the mess I’m in

Not denying the simple fact that my thoughts sometimes turn into ash

Just a creature God created 

Not to be nobody else but me

Not a soul of a human-being  should be imitated

I breathe life into the comfort of my words

It’s how I feel

What I speak

To take out what’s hidden

Only to seek




Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers 

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