Pleasant Dreams

As night comes around the Earth when darkness falls

Silence fills the empty hearts

Peace that doesn’t make a sound as children are sleeping tight

Dreaming of everlasting fantasies

Painting a picture that gazes at the star 

Wishing that the dreams come true and smiles dances on the moons of heaven

I see your reflection 

Clear as the morning dew

Bodies are laid upon the soul of heaven’s gates

All night dreams are spoken in love languages

Smiles that gazes in between breathing and tossing and turning between the sheets

Night seems peaceful

And longing for the happiness that’s put upon my face because of pleasant dreams

I said a prayer for you tonight

Sleep tight 

Dream of happy endings as dreams follow you into tomorrow skies.



Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers ~Copyrighted January 2014 (c) 

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