Left for Dead




My name is Syah

I’m a 3-year old girl

All alone in my own little world

My mother has neglected me

Abandoned me with nothing to eat

I walk around with the same clothes on

Looking for love and left in the dark





She’s crying out to you God!

Can you hear her silent cries as her little toes and hands are reaching for love

A mother who is always strunged out on drugs or beaten to death by men that she lets in

Syah is all alone watching the abuse

Left for dead

A deadly sin

God please help this child as she is all alone

No food to eat

Nowhere to sleep

Bare-footed walking on diseased streets

Eating food out of the dumpster where she can only reach

Someone save her from this place of Hell

She tries to scream and yell

But no one hears her painful cries

Invisible black child

Left alone in a disquise

Who will help her and save her soul?

In a world of trouble 

Left for dead

Roaming the streets trying to find a place to sleep

Old men looks at her likes shes money

She gets frightened when they try to touch Syah funny

“Syrah RUN!” 

A voice in her head said

She yelled for help

Running back to the home that has neglected her

Somewhere she wants to call her own

She watches her mom being dragged down the hall

Beaten again

Tears starts flowing

Then a man grabs Syah and lays her on top of her mother..now dead

She closes her eyes and sings her favorite song until she couldn’t sing it anymore

Breathing stops

Body still

Shot mulitiple times

No more breathing

No more crying

Meeting her mother in heaven’s eye

Left for dead

Only three-years old

No life anymore

Angels carry her home


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers Copyrighed January 2014 (c) 

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