In the Midnight Hour

This is a poem from my second book “Lyrical Passion Tears from my Inkwell”


Sweet dreams and many more

Almost asleep but thinking about life in general

The sweet and simple words that describes the many visions of happiness or old tears of hurt

Turning to your right 

You think about the future that may bring good deeds in the future

Turning to the left

The past that has scarred you for a short time

You try to cry

But no tears of guilt comes out

God is by your side putting good thoughts in your head

And allows you to press on

The solution at all the word’s problems

The peace that has come over you during the midnight hour

No one to interrupt the silence of your mind

The longing of words that swims around in your heard to create a scenario of life

The sound of thinking that allows you to go back in time 

Gazing at the window looking at the bright lights from cars

Looking at the clear skies that hold sweet angels of protection

In the mightnight hour

Where pain arrives and the pacing of your footsteps gets louder and disturbs the enemies

And the devil that tries to attack you 

You close your eyes and say a prayer that will ease your mind and calm your spirit and soul of redemption

No one has to know what goes on in your mind

In your head

And in your heart

Your problems and issues are mostly thought of and haunted in a time that awakes your mind

The cries that drown us as we try to sleep

But can’t after too many hardships and headaches

Staying up all night trying to figure something out

But can’t

You learn to be patient and think positive about life

It only lasts for an hour

An hour that is used for down time

The sweat upon your forehead from thinking too hard

The dry tears of pure evilness

The storm calms down


You re-tuck yourself in bed again

You wind down all the burning  of your soul and at


You think about sweet dreams until dawn hits




Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers Copyrighted January 2014 (c) 


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