An Act of Reality



This isn’t a dream

Never thoughts that sail away in the river of hopes

Waiting to be revealed and wrapped again

Vanishing in the damped soil of the Earth

It’s reality and what’s real captures the mind to shock our heart

The feelings of hurt that pierces our spirit

And leaves us feeling unwanted…

In our own flesh

Blood racing through deep veins that unleashes emotional desires

Heart races overflowing like streaming fires

Sometimes I wish what I felt wasn’t real so that angry tongues would remain sealed and locked in another world

But it’s real

Living in a realm of reality

Facing the dangers of the soul

Bowed heads and fast heartbeats collasped…

Gulping for revolving wind

I wish I could start a brand new life over again

To kill my old flesh and be reborn again

Erase my mentality of creatures that may harm me with pure explainations

Erase my soul

Erase my sin

But God whispers to my lingering tear

“Child I know what you are facing”

To steer me with a blurred vision

My finger guides my heart

My mind still racing

My emptiness leaves vague memories

But my goals of reality 

I’m still chasing


Written by Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers Copyrighted January 2014 (c) 

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