They say business and pleasure are mixed with the feelings of entwining

While he or she is dining

Dining and digging deep into the patterns of their soul

Expressing the love of their beautifully woven art of words matted together

Like hot sex on a messy office desk where lyrics and beats still lies unfinished and undone

Her blouse and pants came undone

His shirt and jeans came undone

Oh my!

But remember this is just a fantasy of two business people who work together

Side by side

Flesh by flesh

Deeply united with the empowerment of exchanging words

But mistakenly exchanging love and sex chants

Moans that are purposely recorded in the studio

That’s where their bodies are

Helplessly and naked under the mirrors of sin city

To create a masterpiece for the erotic tendencies

But remember they are in the business place

Acting professional and sharing ideas

Oh My

But once again they act like two sex slaves getting it in under the desk

Living their own imaginations and fantasies

Tasting her rainbow desire as she tastes his Tootsie roll

Chocolate cum drops to fill up her soul and to caress him in the right way

Sharing ideas of how they want to be loved

And argue about whose on top and who can make the loudest screams!

Adrenaline rushes in fast because a deadline is almost near

But her orgasm is getting nearer


Working fast

She screams

The bell rings

Deadline is up for the musical project of lusty lyrical beats 

A poem formed to be created for the world to see

Another lyrical beat created for moaning sensations that has hit a definite home run

As he knocked her ball right out of the park!


She wants him more in the pleasure of business-seeking perspective

They share love and a lust moment

Getting work done while giving each other a work-out to never be forgotten in poetry history!



Written by Lyrical Passion Copyrighted October 2013 (c) 

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