A Perfect Christmas Love

A perfect magical Christmas bliss

To have you standing at the perfect gift with just one sweet kiss

Laughter and memories that will only last a lifetime

If I can only have you; that one special gift

For you to only forever be mine

You see I dream about you all the time

If you can only find a partner like me

My heart will shine

To give you my all as we walk hand-in-hand in the 3 feet of snow

Christmas with you in it 

My heart will glow

A special holiday 

For a special occasion

But only God alone can ever put two people together

His wonderful creations

To cherish this moment forever

To have you in my life for all seasons and every single weather 

A love that won’t get old


A dream that finally can come  true

A new year

A new beginning

Only to find you

christmas love

Written by Lyrical Passion

Real Love

I want a real love that will slowly take my breath away

To tell me you love me each and every day

To wipe my every tear away 

I want someone to hold my hand when I’m feeling depressed

Down in the dumps and feeling blue and stressed

Whisper you love me in the middle of the night

To make love throughout the night

To hold me like it’s the end of the world

I want to be your baby

Your everything

Your boo-Thang

Your favorite and only girl

I want a real love that respects and grants my every need

To grow and be with me

To plan our life to the fullest

Our love that will last forever

Planting a commitment seed

Wink at me and continue to make me blush

Yes I’m feeling your love

This is what I’ve always dreamt of

I thank God up above

I’m through with the sadness and disappointments of a love that wasn’t real

I want the kind of love that always feels new and right

I want you forever so that we can seal the real deal

To encourage me each and every day

To cover me in the rain so that I won’t get wet

To carry me over every puddle

Boy aren’t you tired of me yet?

Then when you say no,

I smile and kiss you softly upon your lips

Lingering on to your response

I might just be love whipped!

That’s the real love I want

The real love I deserve

Kicking every bad seed to the curve

As I smile at the thought of you

A sweet dream come true

As I continue to wait for the real love

Just like you!

real love

Written by Lyrical Passion

You Tube Video “Real Love” Mary J. Blige

Let it Go

Let the wind blow

Let the pen flow


Physically speaking my mind

Flowing in the mist of peace

Silence is my inner peace

Letting go of the past mistakes

Yes one day I want to walk through the heavenly gates

No worries

No fears

Walking alone in this world

Everlasting shedding the invisible tears

Why cry for you?

When you never once cared for me all long

Your memories fade away in a sweet lover’s long

Letting go of all the frustrations and pain

I’m here to stay in this race

Even when the devil tries to knock me off track

The consequences I yet have to face

To escape

From reality

When nothing are dreams and fantasies

Free me from the pain

To look into the skies for inner peace

Negativity that surrounds me that must decease

Let go and move on

Allowing blessings to come to me

Flying away to a better place

To start a new life of purpose and fate

Ponytail diva

Written by Lyrical Passion

A Shoulder to Cry On

Inspired by the Beyond the Lights Soundtrack “Fly Before You Fall”


Expressing my love for you through the silence as my eyes do the talking

Far away in a fantasy land

Using our body language to genuinely understand

I’m here for you through the times through peace and sorrow

Kissing you endlessly eternally like there’s no tomorrow


Fly away with me as we allow the noise of the shores whisper to our hearts

Each blink

Each stare

Each gesture

Through thick and thin; never to depart


Remember I’ll be here for you

A shoulder to lean on

To cry on

Tell me your ugliest secret

No more living in disguises

No more heartbreaks

No more cries


We are free from the pain

The sorrows

The evil world

The Hollywood fame


Look deep in my eyes past what the world may see

Look deeper in my eyes past the tears

The disappointments

The frustrations

I’m with you always without any love imitations


Let’s fly away together

Far away from the world

Allow our fantasies to guide us

To relax our minds

Love has spoken out loud

A real love

No lust


Pain vanishes and a connection of our inner strength connects

Our silence is more strong than words heard

Lend me your heart as I take care of it

Looking deep once more in your eyes

Our love could never be a disguise



Written by Lyrical Passion

Black Bird (Inspired by Nina Simone)

Stop hurting me from the past

I shall be free when I look into the mirror and see me

But that little blackbird sitting on my window reminding me of the pain

The sorrow

When I shed the tears of hopeless dreams and visions

Cutting me deep like a surgery incision

But my wings are broken

Trying to soar and fly away from the past that has haunted me

What people say what I would never be

Just a black bird trying to be set free

Turning it all around as I set loose on the balcony 

Waiting for the people to see

That I wanted to quit

But you came along to set me free

To look into my eyes 

Stopping to stare at me

Trying to change my visions so that I can see the picture a little bit more clearer

When family wasn’t around to see me for who I really was

Am I still this blackbird stuck on the windowpane

Of my lyrically musically game?

I want to fly to be free of me

To allow my spirit to fall and to come back whole

No more little sorrow as I’m living in the world of possibilities and opportunities

I flew that night on the balcony

Until you rescued me

Flying higher

Because I’m a strong fighter

Written by Lyrical Passion


It’s been awhile..

Yes it has been awhile

My pen has been disconnected from the flowing of my ink

The world that speaks to me in a different language

Disconnected with my thoughts and my passion to what I love most

My first love who has ran away in my heart

It’s been awhile and I miss the sound of making love to my pen

To make my pen bleed ink heavily

But passionately

I needed a moment for myself

To free myself from the world of negative thoughts

To relax my mind and face the reality of the thoughts

I miss the fresh smell of my pen as it does all the talking

All the writing

The passionate sounds it makes in my ear

To be free once again by this gift of wonders

To speak a different language among all other pens and blank pages that commends me on the words

That I once again bleed

It’s been awhile but I will never forget my first love

My pen

My thoughts

My words

My freedom of speech

The native tongue



my first love


Written by Lyrical Passion

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