A New Level


Fallen thoughts of broken vessels

Pressure from advancing from one place to another with the overflow of tears

All smiles alone on a road to greatness

Those words “2015 is my year of advancement” are always near

A new place in life that allows room for growth

I wear you everywhere I go

I want to see the advancing stages of my life as I grow

Focused on the conscious that my mind lies upon my soul

When I cry out,

These tears are never fake

Showing true confession

While dealing with the blossoming depression

I have to point towards the skies above because who can ever love me soo deep

That’s only His amazing Love

I want to feel the breath of Him

As He re-create my soul to make me a precious Gem

I want advancement in every part of my lifeΒ 

As the only thing I hope to grow

To have the knowledge of the footsteps waiting at my feet

To continue what I have started many years ago

To separate my evil thoughts and negative energy to a more peaceful sensation

Ladies and gentlemenΒ 

Look at me!

I’m His creation!

I slowly inhale and close my eyes and try to mend the broken pieces

Advancement I shout out

That’s my new best friend

Someone who will finally understand as we walk hand in hand

Advancement will be with me to the very end…


Written by Lyrical Passion

Photo Credit by Me; Patrice Rivers


Your words Lyrically

Your words lyrically

I read your words lyrically

Let me be your canvas as I watch you paint my body mystically

In your silence, I watch your lips of wild imagination and lustful dreams

Painting my body upon yours; poetically entwined

A passionate connection this may seem


I read your words lyrically

In between thoughts I pray for a guy like you spiritually

To ease my pain away as I watch your antidote carefully

Upon my lips as you paint me in your dreams

A romantic connection between unheard words

Throw my body against your canvas

Allow me to be your passionate feign

I read your words like a lover’s spell

If you tell me your secret, I promise not to tell

Let our lustful passionate lyrics be a secret

Where our ink becomes a lustful snack

Teasing me with the different colors

As I steal your ink pen

Baby I promise to bring it right back! lol ;)

Let’s have a romantic time rolling in paint and ink

As you arouse my body with your penetration…

Of words that is

But I penetrate you with my sensual arouses…a sexual sensation

Making your mind and thoughts feel amazing

your words lyrically 3

I love to read your words lyrically

To engage them passionately upon my memories

Memories of you as I’m reading your lyrics

But you are just a poem

You are just a fantasy that has a way with words

Allow my lust and thoughts to be unheard

Let this be our little secret

A combustion of paint and ink

Your words that are fangs…

Deep upon my skin as they sink

Poisoning my body with your deep passion

Allowing me to receive the real satisfaction

your words lyrically 2


I love to read your words lyrically…..


Written by Lyrical Passion


Scream out loud!

Scream the loudest at the top of your lungs!

Let it all out until you receive comfort from the anger

From the world’s disappointments that has caused pain to our soul

Damaged our patience

Damaged our mind

Scream out loud!

Get it all out of your system so that your soul can be set free!

Don’t allow your emotions to take over your body

To take over your life!

Get it all out of your system!

Scream out loud!

scream out loud

Written by Lyrical Β Passion

Cold Days

Icy thoughts running through my veins

Feeling cold all over

When will the heat arise again to my soul to make me feel warm and fuzzy?

Hold me closer to your heart as it melts from your love

Feel my fingers

It’s cold from the unwanted

A cold-felt presence that makes my body feel unease

Bring me back to the warmth and leave the cold out

Away from my heart

Away from my soul

Away forever

No more cold days

No more pain that tries to ease into my mind

Allow the warmth of smiles to save me from the coldness and from the darkness

I’m waiting for warmer days

And not missing cold days

Your love I want to feel the warmth

Forever and more…

Written by Lyrical Passion

No Mixed Feelings

Don’t lead me the wrong direction

Just come upfront with your fairy tale confessions

My heart wants to feel loved

Not torn apart by thorns with no purpose

To fall into your arms with a purpose

To laugh and enjoy the company of love without feeling unease

My heart deserves a real King

To interpret the meaning of love and to show me the real thing!

Don’t lead me behind in the dark

Blind and left alone

I am a Queen who continues to sit on her throne

Don’t leave me no mixed messages of unwanted feelings

I deserve to be loved by a King

Who is willing to sacrifice and be with her Queen

To take upon God’s creation and to lift her heart on angel’s wings

no mixed feelings

Written by Lyrical Passion

You Have the Last Say So…

You molded me with your strength and with me in mind created a vision

Creating my mind to carry out the purpose you have fulfilled for me

Only you know the pain that I will have

The struggles I have dealt

The opportunities that I had to make it all better

But I chose the worldly ways

Reminiscing about the days of giving up

Tears that would overflow upon my heart

You have the last say so..

To when my life will end one day

Living my life to the fullest without any regrets

Every learning experience is a stepping stone for improvement

And for greatness

Fight my battles for me as I enjoy life’s happiness

Inhaling each day that I am allowed to get up and start my day

The battle is yours

As I surround myself with the positive thoughts

Thinking back on the many days and years I have fought

Wasting life’s precious time over nothing…

As I close my eyes

I’m releasing all my stress and worries to you so that I can now enjoy each moment of my life

Until I depart from this Earth

Because you have the last say so…

you have the last say so

Written by Lyrical Passion

Never Worry About Tomorrow

Never mourn about the past that that tries to follow

Take the time to embrace new opportunities given to you

Plan for today only of blossoming flowers; never worry about tomorrow

Pain that used to pierce your soul to your deepest sorrows

There is another chance in life to make things brand new

Never mourn about the past that tries to follow

When the waves gets higher and the tides are shallow

You know then that it’s time to rise from yourself, that is your Que!

Plan for today only of blossoming flowers; never worry about tomorrow

Just remember that you are never alone when your angle is your shadow

Smile and find peace within your inner self just to get you through

Never mourn about the past that tries to follow

Cherish dreams and visions that allows room to grow

Don’t look at the past hurts that has left your heart misty blue

Plan for today only of blossoming flowers; never worry about tomorrow

Continue to walk on the right path on a road that’s straight and not narrow

Having your best interest at heart, there’s only a few

Never mourn about the past that tries to follow

Plan for today only of blossoming flowers; never worry about tomorrow

never worry about tomorrow

Written by Lyrical Passion

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