Your Guardian Angel

A guardian angel that stands in front of you

But you can’t yet to touch it

Following your shadow as you slumber and continue with the days journey

Never leaving your side

A shoulder to cry on

To rely on

To whisper to in the mirror

As it reflects your inner beauty of your soul…


Written by Lyrical Passion

Hustle Until I die

Look beyond my pretty face

My petite frame

I’m no longer in the fame

But just remaining in the game

The life of a hustler

Hustling my writing as I do this for a profession

Digging deeper into the eyes of my soul as I’m making a transgression

Yes it’s an obsession

The ink dipping I do so well

But I rather just call it a blessing

Creative minds thinking a like

As I plan my next chapter of my life

Writing will always remain my hustle

My daily grinding

My visual canvas

Words to speak to me

Constantly finding

My purpose in life

I was made to be a writer

A poet

An author

A unique me

So I’m gonna keep hustling until I die

Ride or die

It’s what I do best

Drunk off of my words

My stories

But first I must give God all the honor and Glory

As I continue to pen my story

authoress patrice

Written by Lyrical Passion

Running Into You

I always dream of where I would meet you at

At the grocery store sharing recipes

Or at open mic night

Sharing words of poetic passion

Speaking another language only heaven would understand

Smiles for days but a reason for each smile

A Thousand Words

Speaks a thousand smiles

And your smile would be the reason why we met

How about at the movie theaters walking out of the same theater

A common interest of movies and vibes that our body can understand

Discussing about all the scenes and the plot while sipping coffee and eating bagels under the moonlight

Gazing into your eyes as your dimples light up my heart

I wonder if meeting running into you at the end of an intersection while crossing the street

Complimenting my beauty and stopping to write your number in the palm of my hand

I smile and accept the offer of a stranger that could potentially be my lover


Soul mates of the earth

Fate has chosen that one for me

I hope soon I run into your heart

Into your arms

Into your life


I pray that my heart desires come true as I ask God to send me to You

Or you to me

Praying and hoping

That soon you will run into me…


running into you

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Written by Lyrical Passion

If Loving You is Wrong…

If loving you is wrong,

why am I still in love with the other boo

When I’m laying next to you

I have chosen you

To love you

To sin with you

Secrets in disguise

Playful kisses when they aren’t around

Let’s play peak-a-boo

Without even making a sound

Your scent of attraction

A fatal satisfaction…

To my soul

My heart that is bold

Laughter fills your aching heart

When you aren’t happy in your space

But with me, our love has never grown apart

If loving you is wrong

I don’t ever want to quit

Let’s fly away from everything and everyone

With your heart

I truly commit…

if loving you is wrong

Written by Lyrical Passion

Sickle Cell Awareness Month: I dedicate this to the Warriors!


I’m tired!

Tired of all the pricks and the pain

Joint pain

Back pain

Shortness of breath that makes me go insane!

Do you think I want to be here?

Trapped in bodies forever?

Eternally making them hurt so that they won’t live a normal life


Never to be at ease

Getting stuck in their blood 

My pain I feed

So sick of this

Feeling all alone like misery on a deadly kiss

So through with this

Feel like giving up at times

All alone on the hospital bed dying


I’m trying

Pain meds got me doped up!

Drugged up! 

Like crack and cocaine

Can I ever be sobered up?!

Some may not know

Personal stories of loved one of this

Sick ones with this

Babies with this

Older people with this!


I didn’t ask for this!

I didn’t ask for this to be born

A deadly sin that’s deadly pain

A forever thorn

Never going away

Pain won’t go away

Tears falls deep

Nobody can’t hear my suffering cries

All the pain I go through

Wanting a cureful kiss to end all this!

That’s right!

A cure to end all



To be in a more better state in life

No more pain

I’m a warrior still in this game

Waiting on a universal cure to shoot this to misery

I won’t let this get me down

Nor allow it to put the fear in me!

Standing strong

Looking you straight in the face

Yeah I got you now

You can’t hold me back any longer even when the meds put the pain at ease

Be gone forever 

I pray for a cure for this!

A curse

Sickle Cell Disease

knock out scd

Written by Lyrical Passion

Let Me Sing

Allow me to sing the words of my thoughts

The ones stored in my head and upon my heart

Long war affairs of blood, sweat and tears

Many wars I have fought

In synced and in tuned with my musical passion

Harmonizing in a duet beat

Allowing the Earth and winds to feel my vibes of pure satisfaction

I dance in my spirit to be freed and chains that still are breaking

Falling beneath my feet as I hit the high pitch of true destiny

Putting a positive vibe as I still begin to scribe

Pure reality as the lyrical sounds of my inner silence beating upon my heart

Allowing me to breathe sweet lyrics as I feed

My soul one last time

One last breath

Inhaling the highest peak of tendency

Releasing all of my inner strength

Honey dew falls on me

Allowing me

To flow in and out of my words freely

I pause for an intermission

Singing about

Preaching about my new life

A new position

Nothing will and..





I will sing until there is nothing left

Until there are no more words left

Curtains closed

Music stops

Lyrics stop

I stand on my own




let me sing

Written by Lyrical Passion